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Kari [userpic]

Happy Halloween Part いち (1, uno etc.)

October 31st, 2008 (02:45 pm)

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current song: ホシクツのスパンコール-カトゥーン

Happy Halloween everyone!! 8D You know the rules...
Credit, Comment and no hotlinking!


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Side notes:
* Ermm..to explain my logic with some icons a few of the jabbas barely have any icons because they don't have a lot of nicknames that i know of so if you have a pet name for them i can icon it for you haha.
- That animal on the rainen icon is a baby goat so it's literally kid rainen get it? 8D
- The phi icon i crossed out jeff in case you don't call him jeff but call him phi.
- The emajoenation gif/icon well i see rainbows as imaginative not just gay. So i'm not calling him gay just when i think imagination i think rainbows, unicorns etc. haha.
* I'll screencap my monitor later on today after working some more on the paintings so you can see them. Also did we decide if kevin was going to be obi wan kenobi should he have hair because so far he doesn't...? Thoughts anyone?